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Storm Restoration

Expert Exteriors specializes in storm restoration assessment, repair, and inspection for both residential and commercial properties. Hail damaged roofing can be a major factor of roof deterioration. Hail can impact a roof and break the asphalt matting of a shingle. If the matting has been bruised or broken the shingle will no longer perform as designed. Expert Exteriors will work with you to assess the damage, ensure you receive just insurance compensation and repair or replace your roof.

Why Work With Us

Hail damage is typical not noticeable to the untrained eye.  When hail impacts your roof it first knocks the stone granules off of the shingles and exposes the matting underneath. You may have noticed a large amount of granules in your gutters or washing out from your downspouts.  This is not a guarantee that your roof has been damaged but it is a key indicator. A trained roof inspector should be HAAG certified to identify hail or wind damage on a roofing system. Sometimes it may just be that your home had some slight damage and there is no need to pursue a roof replacement. In many cases homes endure enough damage from hail or wind to warrant a complete roof replacement.

We understand the insurance process and have the knowledge and expertise to successfully navigate our clients through the entire claims process. Our industry experience yields maximum compensation for our clients and ensures the quality of repairs essential to restoring their investment. Continuity is important and when you choose Expert Exteriors, the same representative who inspected your property initially will remain your contact for the duration of the construction project.

When your home is damaged by a severe storm, you need an expert on your side to ensure you receive just compensation for your claim and an excellent renovation.  You need an advocate to remove the stress often associated with filing and processing insurance claims.  All Expert Exteriors inspectors are industry certified professionals with a passion for educating clients on all of their options and the experience to recommend the optimal solution. Our staff is personable, professional and committed to excellence in customer satisfaction.

Claims Process

Step 1: Free Inspection & Scope of Damage

Expert Exteriors will assess the full property for storm related damage. Damage caused by hail, wind, and other weather is often difficult to detect and our trained professionals are able to identify storm related damage and provide photos of the damage.

Step 2: Filing a Claim

Expert Exteriors works with all insurance providers and will assist you through the claim process. We will provide you with all the details your insurance company will need to process your claim, including a storm date and time. We will also provide you with your insurance company's claim line phone number, and will be present during the call to answer the various questions the insurance company may have about your roof and the damage that is present. Your insurance company will provide you with a claim number and our professionals will take it from there.


Your insurance claim specialist at Expert Exteriors will complete a damage analysis, which will include detailed drawings with measurements, photos, and scope notes on the damaged areas. This will provide you with a better understanding of the work that will need to be completed to bring your investment back to pre-storm condition.

Step 3: Scheduling The Adjuster Appointment

Your Expert Exteriors insurance claim specialist will contact your insurance carrier within 48 hours to schedule a meeting at your property. It is not necessary for you to be present during the meeting, as we know you may have a busy schedule. If you wish to be present, please let your claim specialist know what days and times work best for you. This will allow Expert Exteriors to schedule an appointment accordingly. If the insurance adjuster happens to contact you directly, you are welcome to schedule an appointment. We ask that you advise your Expert Exteriors contact of the date and time of the set appointment, which will allow them to put it on their schedule and be present during the inspection.

Step 4: The Adjuster Appointment

The adjuster appointment and inspection will generally take place 1-3 weeks after the initial claim has been filed. It is crucial that you are represented by an Expert Exteriors insurance claim specialist during the appointment due to the fact that many adjusters are very busy and may inadvertently miss or overlook damaged areas. Our claims specialist will also provide the adjuster with a map, photos, scope of work, and code requirements in your area at the time of the inspection.


Approved: If your claim is approved, the insurance adjuster will provide an approval for repair and/or replacement. This includes a write up, basic scope of work, and an estimate on their company letterhead. This is simply an "authorization" to replace damaged portions of your home.

Denial: Keep in mind, insurance companies are in business to make a profit and occasionally an insurance company will deny a storm damage claim. If your claim is denied, you are entitled to a re-inspection or a second opinion by an adjuster in a management level position with many years of experience. If the damage is present, the roof or elevation will be approved by the insurance company. Expert Exteriors has many years of experience in getting claims settle with insurance companies.

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