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About Us

Expert Exteriors is focused on meeting the needs of homeowners and commercial property owners through:


Providing customer service that exceeds expectations


Educating and assisting customers through the process of services they receive


Building trusting relationships with customers, partners, suppliers, and staff


Working in a socially responsible manner and giving back to the community

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Our home or business is much more than just an investment. It is core to your quality of life and that of your family or employees. It’s the place where people you care about are supposed to feel safe and secure. So if your property has been damaged by hail, fire, flood, or wind, you need a company that can quickly perform top quality repair work.

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Our team of certified roofing experts will ensure the highest quality every step of the way. You can rest assured that our team is fit to do the job. Our quality control process ensures we get it right the first time. We take our craft seriously, and it shows in the hundreds of long lasting roofs and satisfied customers on our resume. We want to be your contractor for life.

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Safety is our top priority. We value our team and take all precautions to ensure their safety. We not only follow O.S.H.A. standards, but we hold weekly safety meetings and equipment checks. Our team knows the risks involved in what we do and understands how to minimize that risk by following safety protocol on the roof and any other situation.

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Our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty for our residential customers is the best in the industry. We also offer a product warranty to all of our customers. You can enjoy total peace of mind knowing that your home has been repaired by professionals.

Our Team

Josh Lucero Headshot

After graduating from the University of Colorado Business School, Josh Lucero found fulfillment working for a local roofing company. After years of hard work and hundreds of roofing projects, he realized his greatest ability was not just installing roofing materials but also in satisfying customers with straight forward communication, quality craftsmanship, and reliability.

These ethics drove the formation of Expert Exteriors. Josh learned that no matter the client or situation, if a quality product is provided with prompt and reliable service, satisfied customers and referrals were guaranteed. These same principles now form a shared passion by everyone at Expert Exteriors.

Charlene Lucero Headshot

Charlene Lucero found a passion for business while pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Colorado Denver. During this time, she founded her first business, Pristine Clean LLC, and was involved in a construction start up, Expert Exteriors. As a new business owner, she learned about the strategies and development processes needed to run a successful empire, governed by efficiency and customer satisfaction. Working with the startup, she saw the struggles and growing pains specific to the construction industry. The constant problem solving and excitement made her realize that construction was her calling. During her Civil Engineering internship, she was drawn to the project management side of the industry, as opposed to design, and found satisfaction in overseeing projects in their entirety. After graduating, she found her ideal place within Expert Exteriors, overseeing commercial and residential restoration projects, managing company operations, and finding new strategies to improve efficiency, safety, general operations, and customer satisfaction. Charlene currently holds several management, building, safety, material, and installation certifications, as well as several association accreditations and is actively working towards becoming a Certified Construction Manager (CCM) through the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA).

Cory Beech Headshot

After working in the woodshop industry, Corey Beech found himself drawn to exterior restoration in 2005. He started working as a canvasser for a local Colorado roofing company. His charismatic personality and natural ability to lead propelled him quickly up the ladder until he had the opportunity to take a management position within that same company. He excelled as a leader in marketing and project management while supervising out of state markets, leading sales teams, and finding new business strategies. After almost a decade with that same company, it was time for a change. Seeing the core values and vision at Expert Exteriors, Corey signed on as a sales and operations manager and is now co-owner of Expert Exteriors. His strong work ethic and reputation quickly gained him respect as a leader. He truly cares about the people who work within the industry and the clients and communities they serve. With almost 15 years of experience, Corey has seen the struggles and issues related to the integrity of the restoration industry. His goal is to promote honesty and integrity by raising standards and expectations. He continues to restore faith in the restoration industry by constantly being transparent and by providing a positive and supportive work environment.

Mandy Beech Headshot

Mandy Beech began a career in business after receiving her BA in Accounting and Business from Webster University. While working in the marketing field, she continued her education and achieved a Master’s Degree in Marketing. After graduating, she began working for a Colorado CPA firm doing accounting and bookkeeping where she gained proficiency and business acumen. In 2012, she found herself working in billing and supplementing for a local exterior restoration company. During this time, her husband, Corey, began working at Expert Exteriors. Inspired by the family-oriented environment, she soon made the move, as well. Her ability to persevere and resolve challenges quickly made her a role model within the growing company. She now is our Chief Financial Officer and also manages Accounts Receivable, Billing, and Supplementing - always finding new and innovative ways to improve departmental workflows - while also balancing being a mother of two.

Mike Lovelett Headshot

Through friends and family, Mike was introduced to the construction industry early in his professional career and in 1986 found himself working for a commercial roofing company in Tucson, AZ. A dedicated worker, he put in 10 years at that same company, where he advanced from Apprentice up to Installation Superintendent. Wanting to expand his knowledge and extend his opportunities, he spent the next few decades working with a number of private construction companies and even founding a company of his own. He oversaw hundreds of projects while maintaining safety standards and efficiency. His expertise includes several types of roofing systems, including Hot Tar, Torch, Shingles, Tile, Shake TPO, PVC, EPDM, Metal, Coating, Cold Application, Low-Grade Waterproofing, Non-Slip Walk Decks, and more, and this knowledge has made him an invaluable resource to the crews he trains. Currently, Mike works as a Superintendent at Expert Exteriors, where he oversees safety procedures and quality control while working directly with production to ensure everything runs smoothly. He also monitors construction and safety on every commercial project, as well as most residential jobs. His goal is to maintain safety within the company by continuing to educate not just employees and subcontractors, but clients as well. He enjoys working for a growing company and the opportunities that growth presents. Roofing is what Mike knows and breaths; it is his home and he loves to be able to use his knowledge of the industry to help and serve his community.

Bianca Amaya Headshot

Inspired by her mother, Bianca entered the construction restoration industry in 2011. Starting as a canvasser, she quickly worked her way up to become the production assistant. The ever-changing workflows and unique project challenges of the construction industry piqued her interest and she found she had a knack for - and enjoyed! - solving problems as they arose. Drawn to the family-oriented environment and the opportunity for growth and advancement, she signed on with Expert Exteriors, beginning as an Admin. After demonstrating a strong work ethic and affinity for the business, she soon landed in Billing and Accounting, the same department as her mother. Currently, she serves as the the Accounts and Billing Manager. Her attention to detail enables her to catch problems before they arise. She is always helping everyone - employees, subcontractors, and clients - with any questions or concerns they might have about the billing process. Her passion for excellence and determination to succeed inspire those around her and have made her a role model for those lucky enough to work alongside her.

Alisa Archuleta Headshot

Before working in construction, Alisa Archuleta gained experience in billing while working for a medical company where she processed billing for medical accounts. While working in such a demanding industry, Alisa learned compassion, patience, and how to efficiently solve problems. She then joined the Expert Exteriors team, working in billing and accounting. She loves the competitive industry and constantly being on her toes; where there is never a dull moment, especially when she loves the people she is working with. She spends her days at Expert Exteriors writing estimates and making sure they are profitable. She constantly follows up on those estimates with the insurance companies, project managers, and property owners to ensure cash flow is moving and business keeps thriving. She plans to continue her great communication skills with consistency while being a positive influence for her Son.

Carl Lindell Headshot

Coming from a military background, some of Carl’s core values were established around integrity and discipline. After serving his term, Carl started working for a moving company where he learned about customer relations and helping them during one of the most stressful times of their lives; moving. It was then he realized the need for team work and being able to efficiently solve problems as they arise. Bringing these skills into the exterior restoration industry, as well as an extreme attention to detail, Carl went on to thrive in almost every position that the industry has to offer. He was intrigued by the constant demands of construction and liked the fact that it is not a monotonous industry. He came on with the family owned company at Expert Exteriors because of the core values that the company has to offer. He likes working for an honest owner and knowing he is working for a growing company where integrity, honesty, and hard work are the main core values practiced throughout the organization. As the Production Manager, Carl oversees several tasks including closing out permits, reviewing jobs, quality control, safety, and whatever else is needed on a day to day basis. He is committed to raising standards and expectations, and would like to find any glitches and errors within the company processes as well as improve efficiency and workflow. He is currently working on several manufacturer accreditations to improve capital by ensuring lower costs. His experiences have taught him best practices within the industry, including how to run teams and crews with integrity, be fair and understanding, and build trusting relationships with customers. Carl strives to do things efficiently and with safety as top priority. Carl teaches the value of responsiveness, knowledge, helpfulness, and follow through and has been integral in helping grow a company that backs those principles.

Christina Trujillo Headshot

As the Executive Assistant to the CEO at Stout Street Foundation, Christina Trujillo gained the skills necessary to fill the important role she currently holds at Expert Exteriors. Her organization, implementing, and managing are just a few reasons why she is the person everyone goes to when something needs to get done. Christina got her start in the construction restoration industry in 2016 when she started working as a canvasser for a window, siding, and roofing company. She then moved up to become the Events Supervisor for home shows, expos, and events in the Colorado area. A current employee with Expert Exteriors recommended that she come in to interview with our company, but this time working for the administration side of the business. She was hired as the Executive Assistant and has found her passion. She serves as the primary point of contact for internal and external matters  pertaining to the office, owners, and business. Her focus and managing the company is an important role as it frees the owners to focus on the company as a whole. She would like to learn every aspect of the exterior restoration industry and eventually retire being able to look back on her career knowing that what she did mattered, and her strong professional characteristics and integrity will ensure that!

Ron Harrison Headshot

Coming from a long history as an electrician, Ron Harrison naturally fell into the restoration industry. Graduating with a degree in Theology and Apologetics, his background as a pastor and a missionary gave him a profound understanding of humanity and morals. Through his years of experience working with people, along with his knowledge of contracting, he was the perfect candidate to take on the sales manager position at Expert Exteriors. Ron handles field training and direct sales, and loves the energy and the enthusiastic sales environment here. He was drawn to the core values at Expert Exteriors and effortlessly represents them daily. Ron’s relationships with local organizations and professionals enables him to constantly bring on new talent. He truly cares about the people on his team, and ensures they are successful by continuously instilling client satisfaction into each individual. Ron believes in being better than the person you were yesterday by beating your goals and setting new standards while maintaining honor, integrity, and accountability. His help will ensure healthy company growth, with thousands of happy clients, for years to come.

Danni Gomez Headshot

Before entering the restoration construction industry, Danni Gomez found herself studying Psychology at the Community College of Denver. During this time, she gained professional experience, established a strong work ethic, and gained an educated intuition in understanding people in order to help them. As a family oriented person, she knew it was important to establish a career where she felt like she was part of the family. Danni was drawn to Expert Exteriors by her sister in law, Bianca Gomez. Not only did she like the idea of working with her direct family, but she loved the family owned business and family oriented atmosphere. She took an opportunity working in the front office at Expert Exteriors. She currently fills the receptionist position, as well as pulls permits, and helps with production when she is needed. Danni continues to learn more about the restoration industry as she constantly strives to educate herself on billing, supplementing, and production.

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