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Commercial Services

As one of the top commercial roofing contractors, Expert Exteriors offers complete, comprehensive roofing service and maintenance to meet your needs and fit your budget. This includes all commercial roofing systems and materials. We pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted commercial roofing contractors.

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When you work with Expert Exteriors roofing experts, you can choose from a variety of proven, reliable commercial roof systems appropriate for your particular building and budget, including:

Traditional Asphalt Roofs
Rubber Membrane Roofs (EPDM)
PVC Roofing
Metal Roofs
White Reflective Roofs (TPO)
Traditional Asphalt RoofsRubber Membrane Roofs (EPDM)Metal RoofsMetal RoofsWhite Reflective Roofs (TPO)Coatingslearn morelearn morelearn morelearn morelearn morelearn more

What to Expect when you Work with Us

Step 1: Comprehensive Damage Report

Your Expert Exteriors claim specialists will meet with you to review the scope of work provided by your insurance company in detail. This meeting is utilized to educate you on all aspects of the work, materials, process, scheduling, pricing, as well as addressing any questions you may have. All questions are good questions. We are here to make this an easy and stress free process for you!

Step 2: Checks & the Supplementing Process

Generally, you will be given two checks which will equal the full Replacement Cost Value (RCV) of the work to be completed. The first check cut to you is the Actual Cost Value (ACV). This amount is what your material is worth. This check will have your deductible taken out of it, as it is your responsibility to pay the deductible to Expert Exteriors. This is to be paid once materials are delivered to your property. The second check is called the depreciation check. This check is to be paid once all work is completed, and you are satisfied. If you have a mortgage on your house, it is important to contact the mortgage company immediately after our specification appointment. This is important because the check from the insurance company will be issued to you and your mortgage company. The check(s) must be presented to your mortgage company along with other documents, in order to be released. Your claim specialist will assist you with this process to ensure your project is completed in a a timely manner.

Step 3: Renovation

This is where the work begins! Your Expert Exterior's claim specialist and production manager will order your materials and schedule dates for production. Some items, such as windows and siding can take several weeks to be delivered, due to the fact that they may need to be custom built to fit your needs. We will keep you in the loop as far as estimated time of arrival on materials and production throughout the entire purpose.

Step 4: Inspections & Certificate of Completion
City Inspection

Expert Exteriors will schedule a time to have your local city inspector come out and ensure everything is installed properly and satisfies code requirements. If the permit does not pass due to various reasons, we will immediately make the corrections and schedule a re-inspection.

Walk around and Certificate of Completion

Your claim specialist will schedule a time to do a walk around with you. This meeting is to ensure you're satisfied with the work provided by Expert Exteriors.

Step 5: Final Invoice

Expert Exteriors' in house billing department will send a final invoice to your insurance provider with the pre-approved RCV, notifying them that all of the work has been completed. Your insurance company will then release the depreciation and supplemental checks to you. A copy of the invoice will also be sent to you via email or postal service. Once you receive the final check, you will need to contact your Expert Exteriors claim specialist and schedule your final meeting. During the final meeting we will collect the final payment, provide you with a letter of completion, lien waiver, and all warranty information.

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