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Expert Exteriors Donates New Roof to Man Scammed out of Thousands of Dollars

The owner of Expert Exteriors stepped up and donated a new roof for a man who said he was scammed out of thousands of dollars by a different roofing company.

Josh Lucero, owner of Expert Exteriors, said he's in a position to give back and help others.

"Just trying to show everybody that not all roofers are the same," Lucero said.

Paul Neuschwanger said Lucero, the generosity of his company and the Problem Solvers helped restore his faith in people after the owners of Martinez Construction took his money and didn't finish a job.

"I haven't always been able to give back. So, now that I find myself in a situation where money is more abundant than where it used to be, I feel it's my responsibility to give back," Lucero said.

"I'm overwhelmed," Neuschwanger said. "My gratitude is off the charts ... and I think that that in life comes back to you in great ways."


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