Our Project Managers

Our top priority is to provide customer service that exceeds expectations, and our project managers are a huge part of how we do that. From making sure your roofing project runs from start to finish without a hitch to educating and assisting you through the process, it's extremely important to all our project managers to build a trusting relationship with you so we'll be your go-to roofing partner for years to come. Check out below what our customers have to say about Expert Exteriors PMs!

Trisha Linenfelser


There is more to replacing a damaged roof than just the replacement of the roofing material. The more serious problem is dealing with the insurance company to obtain maximum reimbursement. Expert Exteriors assisted in helping me obtain maximum reimbursement from the insurance company right from the start of the project. When the insurance agent inspected the roof for damage a representative from Expert Exteriors was there to review and assist in the inspection. It was necessary to go back to the insurance company for adjustments four times and each time Expert Exteriors dealt with the insurance company, argued for the reimbursement, and provided the requested documentation. While the roofing replacement was completed in one weekend, it took nearly three months to finalize the settlement with the insurance company. Expert Exteriors continued to represent me throughout the negotiations. I was kept informed throughout the process and representatives from Expert Exteriors checked back with me often to see if there was any assistance they could render. I strongly recommend that in considering replacing a roof under insurance that you take into account the time and effort that the roofing company is willing to spend in helping you obtain your maximum reimbursement from the insurance company.

James Fagin

Extremely professional and easy to work with, especially Trisha, who made this stressful process so easy and painfree. Their pricing was most reasonable, and their quality seems top drawer. A supervisor came out the day after installation to check on their work, something another roofer never did. I felt like I was a valued customer. Perhaps the best service they provided was in dealing with the stressful, goofball antics of the insurance company. You will have to look very, very hard to find a better roofing company, and I doubt you'll find a better one.

P. Olen Snider, Jr.

They did a fine job at helping me through the process of contacting my insurance and straight through to the end of the project. The cost was even just a bit less than the initial estimate. Trisha was a personable and friendly project coordinator and really turned herself inside out to help get everything put together. I would hire them again.

Karen Miller

Our experience has been fantastic so far just waiting for shingles to show up so the work can be done. Roofers showed up this morning, got the job done in one day even through a couple rain showers. These guys went above and beyond.

Ron & Kathy Pigg